Ceiling Installations and Repairs

Ceiling repair is very common especially when plasterboard is used. The big disadvantage of these types of ceilings is that they don’t repel water well. Often a leaking roof is the cause of a stained or warped ceiling. A geyser can burst and cause severe damage to a plasterboard ceiling. Even a leaking geyser without a drip tray can cause cracks and damage. Fortunately, these types are easy for us to fix.

Popcorn ceiling repair is another type of ceiling repair that we do.

Suspended ceilings also break from time to time and replacing a section of grid is done with ease. Also the suspended ceiling boards come in standard sizes and can easily be replaced. If the aluminium grid is broken then it can be more complex but it’s no problem for our fitters to solve.

Bulkhead ceilings are made in the same way as drywall partitioning and can also be damaged by water or weight. Again, this type of ceiling can be fixed relatively inexpensively.

A ceiling is the overhead interior surface that seals the upper limit of a room, which is generally installed as a finished surface concealing the underside of the floor or roof structure above.

Should you require brand new ceilings, we will do the ceiling board installations and the plaster and paint as per your requirement. This will then be professionally finished off.

Ordinary ceilings

Materials will consist of 6mm Rhino-boards nailed to and including 32mm x 32mm branders with metal cover strips and 75mm Rhino-cornices. This type of ceiling can be fitted in any house or room, but is a very ordinary ceiling and the cheapest option to install.

Plastered ceilings

Materials for this ceiling will consist of 9,5mm Rhino-boards screwed to and including 32mm x 32mm branders with Fiba-tape over the joints of the boards and Polystyrene cornices. Plastering of complete ceilings with Rhinolite will follow installation. This type of ceiling is mostly fitted in entertainment areas and main bedrooms. It is more expensive, but adds value to your home.

Suspended ceilings

A more commercialised type of ceiling. Materials will consist of 12mm Vinyl covered, Gypsum panels (1200 x 600) on white T-Sections and white wall angles. This type of ceiling is often fitted in kitchens and bathrooms, because of its clean and neat appearance and the fact that it never needs to be painted.