Plumbing can typically be described as a series of pipes and fixtures that both provide a clean water supply to buildings and remove waste water out of a property, through drains and into sewers underground. An average dwelling may have one or more bathrooms and a kitchen that will have a water supply plumbed in and a way of managing waste. It can also include heating systems as well as cooling and ventilation systems.

Plumbing work is usually carried out by professional plumbers who need to study theory and carry out practical work to assess their competence.

Many people may assume that plumbing work is just about fixing leaks and fitting bathroom or kitchen related items. However there is actually much more to plumbing than might meet the untrained eye. Plumbing is actually vital to any property build as without the input from a trained plumber there is the chance that any piping could be laid incorrectly or in the wrong places. Getting a plumber involved early on a build means that everyone is clear on where pipes are to be laid and what fixtures and fittings need to be placed where.