Why Should You Refurbish?

Sustainable refurbishment is the equivalent of sustainable development which relates to new developments of cities, buildings or industries etc. Sustainable refurbishment includes insulation and related measures to reduce the energy consumption of buildings, installation of renewable energy sources such as solar water heating, measures to reduce water consumption, and changes to reduce overheating, improve ventilation and improve internal comfort.

The process of sustainable refurbishment includes minimising the waste of existing components, recycling and using environmentally friendly materials, and minimising energy use, noise and waste during the refurbishment.

Plan for the future

Investing in an office refurbishment that optimises your space as much as possible and accommodates technology is a clever choice that not only sets you up for what the future might bring but will also add value and appeal to your office should you have to move on at some point.


Refurbishments can give your premises new life without you having to go through the hassle of a major move. Taking down walls, putting in glass or simply replacing old outdated furniture are just a few things that can liven up a work space.

Refurbishing your office can have a great impact on team morale as it is a clear indication that you value your staff and you are happy to invest into improving their working environment.


Space is rarely used to its full potential in office spaces, you might think your running out of space when in actual fact all you need to do is replace old bulky furniture with modern ergonomic units. At GST we have the space-saving refurbishment knowledge and access to various furniture options to truly get the best out of what you have.

Health and Safety

Wear and tear caused from years of frequent use can have an impact on the quality of business surroundings and pose health and safety risks. Refurbishing your office space to make it a safer, more enjoyable place to work in is an investment you won’t go wrong on.

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